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Completed Home Addition in Jacksonville, FL

New Home Construction in Jacksonville, FL

There are many variables to consider when choosing a contractor to take on your new home construction in Jacksonville, FL. With Collins Builders, you'll have a personal project manager assigned to your home, who will be with you from start to finish. We believe in reliable and open communication with our buyers, and that means maintaining continuity of service as well. You'll speak to the same person every time. That cuts out a middleman and any chances of miscommunication or misinterpretation.

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Benefits of New Construction Homes

There are many reasons why a brand new home will make your schedule less hectic and your quality of life better.

Among other advantages, new construction homes offer unique opportunities for customization and creative expression by the owner. The options are almost limitless, especially when you work with an imaginative and experienced team who puts high-quality results— and your interests—first.

With relatively few maintenances or upkeep concerns to keep in check, you'll be able to focus on simply enjoying your new home. You'll build not only a place to make memories but a place that is a memory unto itself. The experience of building your own home is something many families treasure for years into the future. Being able to craft traditions and mark milestones in your own unique way is irreplaceable, which is why we also draft custom home plans.

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How You Save Money Living in a New Home

New homes are equipped with all the latest energy-efficient appliances and building methods, which can save you a great deal of money. Updated technology and additions such as energy-efficient windows and improved insulation options will dramatically cut the operating costs of your new home. You can even decide to take the project in an eco-friendly direction by incorporating solar panels into your design. The options and possibilities are virtually endless, and all are directed by you and your family. Building a new home will also save you money because you'll be able to invest in the latest appliances that are not only energy efficient but require fewer repairs. The entire structure of the house will require little maintenance and far fewer repairs than an older house of comparable size. There won't be any leaking ceilings due to old pipes or cold winter nights brought on by a broken heating unit, because your new home will run exactly as you expect it to.

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