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Completed Home Construction in Jacksonville, FL

Styles of Custom Homes in Jacksonville, FL

At Collins Builders, we offer a diverse portfolio of styles of custom homes in Jacksonville, FL, for you to use as a mainstay or starting point for your own project. Our custom home plans are completely tailored and built to your specifications, but we find that many of our customers like to use architectural inspiration as a guideline for the success of their results.

Revel in the Graceful Style of Custom Mediterranean Homes

Large windows, gracefully sloping tiled roofs, and lavish courtyards are just a few of the elements you can expect to incorporate into one of our beautiful custom Mediterranean homes. Usually no larger than two stories, they are inspired by the attractive and exotic homes that grace the coast of the Mediterranean. They often incorporate the outdoors in creative and distinctively Mediterranean-inspired ways. This style features distinguishing stucco exteriors and deliberate inclusion of open-air elements so that your family can enjoy the good weather days and view stormy ones from the comfort of a chic interior. Few home styles have enjoyed the kind of enduring favor among builders that this one has.

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Colonial Style Home in Jacksonville, FL

The Timeless Aesthetic of Custom Colonial Homes

According to Better Homes & Gardens magazine, the colonial style home is the most popular in the United States. We know that while you may love the appeal of this traditional favorite, you're still the kind of builder who wants to add your own signature to the end result. That's why we take so much pride in our custom Colonial homes. Starting with a classic design and giving you the chance to add your own influence is a particular delight of our team.

Charming Sophistication of Custom Craftsman Homes

One of our most appealing styles, custom Craftsman homes are a favorite of many builders. The style blends with any landscape and can lend stature to a small floor plan or keep a larger one from becoming imposing. Most of these home plans feature low-pitched roofs and large porches, with thick stone column supports. They blend the homey appeal of a cottage with the charm of a more stately home.

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Enjoy Architectural Allure with Custom French Country Homes

No other design has quite the same allure as our custom French country homes. Gorgeous, hipped roofs, arch-topped windows, and decorative shutters are all commonly featured with this lovely style. Inspired by the grand estates and cottages of the French countryside alike, this style uniquely blends sophistication with warmth to create an inviting atmosphere unlike any other.

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